Three Alternative Activities to Enjoy In Ayrshire

On your trip to East Ayrshire why not consider straying from the beaten path and partaking in some less than typical activities. There’s a lot to enjoy in Ayrshire, but there are also many things you may have never thought about doing.


archeryEver fancied yourself as the next Robin Hood? Learning how to use a bow and arrow properly is a lot of fun and something that is fun for the whole family. In Ayrshire, simply head to coast and seek out the town of Turnberry. Here you’ll find Turnberry adventures, where you can enjoy a variety of adventure activities, from off-roading to water zorbing. They also offer archery, utilizing a fantastic modern range and beautifully crafted bows and arrows. Discover true peace as you focus only on the target. You’ll receive full tuition and as you improve, the targets will become more difficult. Kids are free to partake as well as adults, making this a fun activity for all the family.

Real Ale Tour

Lovers of beer will be pleased to know that there are many craft breweries in and around Ayrshire. It’s well worth getting in touch with the following breweries to see if you can arrange a visit while you’re in the area. All four produce spectacular, locally produced craft beers, using fresh ingredients and traditional methods with a modern twist.

* Ayr Brewing
* Strathaven Ales
* Ethical Ales
* Lola Rose Brewery

Alternatively, keep an eye on the annual Ayrshire Real Ale festival in Troon. Featuring over 150 real ales from Scotland and the UK, it’s probably wise not to try them all! It’s normally held within the first week of October, so keep the dates free!

Dunaskin Ironworks

Take a step back in time and witness this remarkably well preserved Victorian iron works (and later brick works). The old brick buildings are mostly still standing, and there’s a fascinating steam engine house to explore. Steam railway buffs can ride an industrial steam train to the site and explore this key part of the industrial revolution.