The Towns of East Ayrshire

While the East Ayrshire region itself is rather small, especially in comparison to other areas of Scotland, there are several towns and villages well worth a visit. From quaint, Victorian era towns to tiny riverside villages, this is a fantastic area for lovers of peace and tranquility.


KILMARNOCKThe main town in East Ayrshire has been home to many notable characters throughout history and more modern times, including William Wallace, Sir Alexander Fleming and more recently, the band Biffy Clyro. The world famous Scotch Whisky brand, Johnnie Walker originated here and was made, packaged and distributed in the town until 2012. The town is home to a number of listed buildings, with the Dick Institute among the most popular. This museum and art gallery showcases a number of culturally important exhibitions. The nearby Burns Monument Center is home to the largest Burns monument in the country, while Dean Castle and Country Park make for a fantastic day out for all the family.

The town itself is famed for its variety of independent shops, selling niche products and local crafts. The historic center is full of stunning examples of Victorian architecture and narrow cobblestone streets to lose yourself in.


The focal point of this Victorian era town is the beautiful old church and the stunning Mercat cross, found in the center of town. For history and architecture buffs, this is a fantastic town to visit, but with a wide selection of shops, cafes, pubs and restaurant, there is something for everyone no matter what you are into.


This traditional crossroads town set out in the rural part of East Ayrshire, though larger in population than surrounding towns, is still a small, peaceful place to visit. Surrounded by woodlands and rivers, it’s a fantastic place to walk to on a day out. Indeed, keen cyclists and walkers are encouraged to take advantage of the cycle and hiking paths in and around the town. Rich in history, the town is still host to several fairs and events throughout the year.